Sihastria Putnei in USA – photo exhibition of Dragos Lumpan in New York



NEWS RELEASE – St. John the Divine Cathedral New York

A special photo exhibit „The Monastic Life” will be shown November 1 to November 30 at Cathedral Church St. John the Divine (1047 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan).

The subject is taken from daily life of monks at the Sihastria Putnei in northern
Moldavia, Romania.

„The monastery was rebuilt in recent years at the site of an early 500-year-old monastery,” says Lumpan. „I was fortunate to be able to live among the monks for about 3 weeks during the Easter Period.”

His incisive photo studies capture the many moods and work habits of the thirty monks and ten trainees.

The strong images in large format (4 feet x 3 feet) b&w prints on light canvas are the work of Dragos Lumpan of
Bucharest, Romania. He is noted for his international work and published work in National Geographic Magazine. The exhibit, which is touring several sites in the US including Boston College, Dartmouth College, and locations in Washington DC, and San Francisco, is open to the public. It is sponsored by the Romanian Cultural Institute.


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