The Third Orthodox Photography Exhibition in Beocin, Serbia

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Third Exhibition “Orthodox Christianity on the Internet” is going to take place again in Beochin Serbia in November 2008, for St Barnabas of Hvostan and Beocin commemoration. The sposor of this event is the Municipality of Beochin and the organiser is Association “Beofoto”.
Each author cannot send more than THREE of their photographs, ONLY in dimensions of 20x30cm, provided they have been published (uploaded) on Send your photos up to 15 October 2008 to the following address:

Drustvo ljubitelja fotografije “Beofoto”
Jovana Grcica Milenka 4
21000 Beocin, Serbia

The jury made up of photography experts will award three and also praise three photos. The best photos will be published in a catalogue which will be sent to all participants of the exhibition.

We are looking forward to receiving your photos!!! – Organizers

Update 22nd of October: Deadline is Sunday, 26th October 2008.

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